How to become an idea generator for musicians in Music Composition

Have you ever found yourself sitting with your instrument trying to write a new song but getting stuck on what your song should be about? Are you tired of the same, generic song themes that have been overused by musicians in the past? Being creative and coming up with unique music ideas is not always easy, but it is the key to producing music that stands out from the crowd. In this blog post, we will discuss tips, techniques, and tools that can help you become an idea generator for musicians in music composition.

Is there a Music AI generator?

With the advancements in technology, we now have AI-driven music generators that can help with music composition. Machine learning algorithms have been trained on thousands of different music samples, allowing them to recognize the underlying patterns that make up popular music genres. AI music generators generate music in a variety of styles such as pop, rock, classical, and others. One example of an AI music generator is Amper Music, a platform designed to create unique music tracks to meet user needs. It might not be human creativity, but AI-generated music can still serve as an inspiration point for musicians to build off of.

Song Topic Ideas

It is an actual challenge for every songwriter to come up with a unique and interesting topic for their song. So why not get a little help from the internet? Websites like Song Title Generator are fantastic for getting your creative juice flowing and helping you come up with song topics. These websites are user-friendly and do not require any registration; all you need to do is click a button, and it will generate a random song topic. Another tool that can help generate song topic ideas is lyric writing prompts that are perfect for jumpstarting your writing process.

Funny Song Idea Generator

Creating a funny song can be challenging when your mind is constantly focusing on serious matters. However, laughing is great for stress relief and can help you put you in a positive frame of mind. Some online tools like The Comedy Idea Generator can help you get on the right track for writing funny songs. It generates random funny ideas for lyrics that can help develop a humorous theme. The fun generated by this tool can inspire catchy and humorous tunes while producing music that keeps audiences engaged.

How Do You Make Your Own Song Tune?

Every song has a distinct melody that makes it stand out. But how do you create your own unique tune? Begin by humming a few catchy melodies for yourself, slowly building until you secure a melody that works best for the song. Try to envision the lyrics over the melody to ensure that it is the right fit. Some songwriters use online melody makers to get creative tunes. Platforms like Hookpad can generate new tune ideas based on sound suggestions based on chord progressions.

Song Challenge Generator

Song challenges are perfect for songwriters seeking to challenge themselves to create new music to tight deadlines. These music challenges encourage individuals to push their creative limits to produce something unique. Challenges like the 5 – Song Sprint provide innovators with a set of creative prompts that encourage songwriters to compose five songs within five hours, Jumpstart Songwriting Club provides challenges like weekly song prompts, and each Club member has to complete and submit a demo recording.

How Do You Come Up with Ideas for Music?

There is no single approach to generating musical ideas, but below are some tips that can help inspire your music writing:

  • Listen to music: No musician can write music if they are not listening to others’ music.
  • Keep a journal: Jotting down random phrases, words, or ideas that come to your mind throughout the day can help generate creative ideas later on.
  • Breakout of your comfort zone: Trying something new can spark new ideas for you; if you primarily produce pop genre music, experiment with classical music.
  • Collaborate: Collaborating with other musicians can help bring new perspectives to your music, and this can encourage new ideas that you may not have envisioned.

Is There a Free Music AI Generator?

With technology improving every day, it is possible to find great free Music AI Generators.
One example of this is AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist), which is a free platform that offers music composition services. With AIVA, anyone can create music through a simple user interface. AIVA can generate music in various genres, including classical, cinematic, and ambient.

Song Theme Ideas

A song’s theme contributes to the overall emotion and impact of the listener. Some online tools can help you create unique and powerful song themes, like the Random Song Theme Generator, which generates various random and unique themes for your music. Also, lyrical theme generators provide different phrases and words that can add layers to the themes you choose for your songs.

Character Theme Song Generator

Creating character themes for movies, films, TV shows, or even books can be engaging and challenging, as it must resonate with the story’s character. Online character theme song generators can help create unique and memorable soundtracks suitable for each character, enhancing the characters’ personality and backstory. The appropriate combination of instruments that match a character’s attributes, voice tones, and musical styles can affect the viewer’s emotions, delivering an excellent movie or book experience. The Film Composer’s List provides a unique selection of generators that help you create the best theme songs for your character.

Random Theme Song Generator

A random theme song generator can be perfect when you need to select a random theme to inspire you in music composition. These generators can generate themes against a genre, musical instrument, emotion, or other elements. Some online tools, such as the Random Theme Song Generator, provide a straight-forward and easy way to generate random themes at no cost.

Rap Song Idea Generator

Rap music relies on creativity and relevance to society. Rap song idea generators can help build ideas that are unique and practical, from defining a genre to adding a personal touch to the message. Lyrically Advanced can inspire both established and budding rap artists with some of the best lyrics resources online. This rap idea generator platform can expand your lyrical abilities with numerous prompts, including wordplay, lyrics that mention foods or clothes, and rap battles.

Song Ideas

The most crucial part of beginning song composition is having an idea to start writing. Song lyric ideas from online tools can come in handy during ideation. Whether you are a songwriter, musician, or music producer, the many song generator tools online can provide inspiration for you to get started. Some of the most popular song idea generators that can assist you with songwriting include Song-lyrics Generator, Song-Maker, and the Music Gateway.


We hope that this article has helped you become an idea generator for musicians in music composition. Remember, the idea generation is a crucial part of music composition and involves much more than just producing a catchy tune. The creative process involved in ideation can determine the overall quality of your music, and this article provides you with an array of inspiring ideas and resources to get creative. Get to work and start composing your music, and who knows, your music could be the next big thing!