Digital Band is an auto-accompaniment software application for Windows. It can automatically and quickly improvise an accompaniment to an import audio file, computer keyboard playing or even humming. By using Digital Band, you are enabled to make an accompaniment without thinking. You can also choose the music emotion, genre, structure and instruments then integrate them to be a beautiful song. Digital Band is an auto-composition software application too. Even a child can use it to write a song in seconds. Musicians can also take it as an idea generator because it is able to create various melodies in the same condition. If you have Digital Band, you have a brilliant music group on the computer.

Free AthTek Voice Changer is a handy voice changing tool for Windows. It has a clean interface and provides a free way to control the voice pitch in audio file. It has 4 steps to achieve the voice changing target. First of all, you need to import the recording to this free voice changer. Then you can effortlessly change the voice pitch and speed in Step2. What makes this software better than any other free voice changers, AthTek Voice Changer provides an option to remain the timbre after voice changing. You can preview the voice changing effects in Step3 and export the audio file in *.wav format. With Free Voice Changer, you would be able to dub videos with protean voices effortlessly.