Intorduction & Interface

Startup Guide/Wizard Window

Click to compose music.

Click to generate accompaniment

Click to open an existing project


Composition Guide window

A. Emotion & Bpm

Choose emotion from drop-down list

Edit BMP

B. Edit instruments, choose genre and vocal

C. Choose structure from drop-down list and edit

D. Edit Chord

E. Click to compose.


Accompaniment Guide Window

A. Import files (.mid, .vsqx, .ust, .nn)

B. Click to record in recording window

C. Click to play imported file or recorded sound

D. Edit and recognize chord

Edit Bpm

Choose Key

Choose Scale

Choose Emotion

Click to recognaize chord automatically

E. Section, Chord and Melody

Choose the type for each section

Click chord note to edit

F. Edit instruments

G. Click to generate accompaniment


Main Window

A. Tool Bar








B. Tool Bar

new file, open file, save file, save file as…

composition wizard, accompaniment wizard

Choose emotion

play, stop, go to start, go to end, repeat, duration

choose sound type (midi/soundfound2)

export midi file, export wave file

C. Song information

Click to edit song information

D. Track Information

solo, refresh, delete track

Click to change instrument