Fast Compose Music Automatically

Step 1 Run composition wizard

Click on startup guide window

Step 2 Choose emotion from drop-down list

Step 3 Setup Bpm (bits per minute)

Step 4 Choose Genre from drop-down list

Click to change instruments.

Check Vocalist, select gender and choose lyric if you want DigiBand humming the main melody, or you can choose an instrument to play it.

Step 5 Choose the structure from preset list

Step 6 Edit Chord (optional)

The chord for each bar can be modified by click on it.

Step 7 Run auto composition

Click to run auto composition.

Step 8 Preview and modify your music

The following is a complete music that DigiBand generated for you.

Click to play it.

You can also modify each track by click .

Step 9 Save and export

Click to save the project for further modification.

You can also export it as .mid, .wav, .vsqx, .ust and .nn file by click on toolbar – Export.