- As Shaw cables are active in the communications sector, they fall under federal jurisdiction, which means that we must apply for certification from the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CRRB). “I am pleased that our bargaining committee has reached a preliminary agreement with Shaw. I would like to thank the members of Unit 60 for their support and solidarity with our bargaining committee, which worked tirelessly to reach this agreement,” said Lee Riggs, president of TWU, USW National Local 1944. Full details of the draft collective agreement will be shared with Unit 60 members, as well as details of the next ratification session. BURNABY, B.C. – The Telecommunications Workers` Union, United SteelWorkers National Local 1944 Unit 60, has reached a tentative agreement with Shaw Cable after six months of protracted negotiations and negotiations. Unit 60 represents more than 500 members across the Lower Mainland, who have been without a collective agreement since March 23, 2015. Finally, if you approve your agreement, you will have the same right of scrutiny over all matters that concern you in your work through a legally enforceable agreement. “The Unit 60 bargaining team supports the agreement and encourages members to support its ratification. This agreement shows that we are really stronger together,” Riggs added. Shaw says they want an organization that is agile and adaptable. We`re saying this shouldn`t come at a price for our members,” Lee Riggs said. What Shaw really intends to do is to infringe on the rights of union workers and change the rules by making workers disposable while putting more financial pressure on their shoulders. We believe it is possible for Shaw to be a strong player in the competitive marketplace and to offer a fair and respectful collective agreement that shows our members that the work they do is valued and protected. “The Main Goal of the Local is to negotiate a new collective agreement, not to go on strike,” Riggs said.

“There are a lot of levers that we can activate before we strike. The bargaining committee has the backs of our members. More than 10,000 members of USW Local 1944 are behind our backs. There are a million members of the United Steelworkers who turn their backs on us. There is enough power in our numbers to allow us to do everything we can to negotiate a collective agreement that ensures that these workers get a fair contract while protecting their jobs for years to come.* *** It is important to keep in mind that union activity should be done in personal time and not during company time. 31 (1) In any application relating to trading rights, section 31 (1) (b) of the BRIC regulations states that we must collect a fee of USD 5.00. The payment is intended to prove to the BRIC an obligation for the worker to join a trade union. – Sign and date below and let someone you trust be your witness (spouse, roommate, family member) (b) has paid at least five dollars to the union The amount of local union dues is determined by the needs of the operating costs of each local union.

The members of each local union set their contributions and only the members of that local union can change the contributions by secret ballot. . Under the law, workers in every workplace have the right to decide whether they want to be represented by a union. It is their choice. not the employer, not the union, not anyone else. There seem to be a lot of rules, but we want to be sure that your application is successful. Employers will use all necessary tactics to inhibit your efforts….