It was also possible to make large volumes of payments, such as pay slips and collections. Basmadjian said the company has saved €11,552 a year, minus indirect costs from servers and staff. The migration is now complete, with the exception of the signing of SCORE agreements with other banks, as well as technical testing and user acceptance testing (UAT). . The Q&A session allowed the corporate administrators present to ask the panel about the reflections on the decision-making phase of the implementation of SWIFT for Corporates. Thank you very much for your answer, Jean. I understand this, but I think the routing rules set by the debtor bank automatically determine whether payment should be made through a particular channel, especially in the case of MT101, pain001. Question: How does a debtor bank from MT101 detect if a payment needs to be made via SWIFT, local RTGS or another local CSM? Hello Munem, thank you for your esteem. Mt101 is used in the client-to-bank sector, while mt103 is used in the interbank sector. Asked how long it took him to save money through its implementation, Basmadjian said: “I`m sure I broke the exhilarable opinion from the beginning. Although the switch to SWIFT has reduced costs, we have implemented it not only for reasons of savings, but also to simplify use. For us, it`s about control, simplicity and compliance. » Triggering payments, requesting bank transfer, SWIFT MT101 I have a scenario that I would like to share with you and have your point of view. Nice article.