(i) repair damage to concealed devices with a serial number that has been altered, disfigured or removed; or during the lifetime of the plan, Apple will provide you with access to priority telephone and web technical support for covered devices (“Technical Support”). Your technical support begins with Apple`s free technical support expiration, which begins the day you purchase the covered product. Technical support may include assistance during installation, startup, configuration, troubleshooting, and recovery (except for data recovery), including file storage, recovery, and management; Interpretation of system error messages; and determine when a hardware service is required or ADD coverage may be applicable. Apple provides support for the current version of the supported software and the previous major version. For the purposes of this section, the term “major release” means a significant version of the software that is released by Apple in a release number format such as “1.0” or “2.0” and that is not available in beta or pre-release form. (m) The administrator is Apple Inc. (the administrator), TDLR License #300, a California company based in 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California 95014. The Administrator is responsible for collecting and transferring the purchase price of the plan to AppleCare Service Company, Inc. and managing claims for the plan. Please note that if you use a service in a country other than your country of purchase, the service fee must be paid in the currency of that country and at the rate in effect in that country – for more information, including applicable fees per country, see the AppleCare+ support site under apple.com/legal/sales-support/applecare/applecareplus/. Although this Service Agreement is not an insurance policy, claims obligations under this Agreement are insured for Illinois National Insurance Co. plans sold in Ohio at 180 Maiden Lane 25th Floor, New York, NY 10038 (phone number: 1-800-250-3819).