Course Conditions As a transfer applicant, you will be assessed both in high school and after secondary education. For students who have completed their post-secondary education and are interested in a stint in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Toronto, check out the application steps for transfer students. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (St. George), the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, U of T Mississauga and U of T Scarborough provide transfer credits for up to 3.0 full credits, provided that a score of at least 4 is obtained on each AP exam. Fall 2021 admitted students enrolled simultaneously at the university/university: If you have completed or are currently in the university/college graduation courses during high school and the level level course will not be credited to your high school diploma, you may be allowed to get transfer credits. The transfer credit eligibility assessment application will be available in February 2021. For information on how to apply for transfer credits, please contact Please include your first name, last name and U-t candidate number. If you apply from another recognized university – or another department of U of T – you can qualify for a transfer credit, provided that the content of your courses is suitable for your studies. For most U-of-T programs, students who have completed up to two years of study can receive up to 10 full credits.

You can check which courses can be transferred to U of T via the Transfer Explorer. If you are considering changing to one of the following institutions, please expand the following section to learn more. Alternatively, you can find information about the Alberta Guide Transfer here. To simplify the transfer process, ONCAT has created – an online resource for current and future post-secondary students looking for transfer opportunities (also known as pathways). Ontario currently has more than 1,900 transfer routes and more than 800,000 transfer opportunities. The term transfer simply means that if you switch to another institution or program, you are credited. Courses in one program may be transferred to the same program to another institution or program of the same institution or institution. This site lists most post-secondary institutions in Alberta and lets you see which of the courses you have taken (or plan to take) is transferable to the University of Alberta. The Alberta transfer is also available as an iOS and Android app. The Transfer Guide is an easy-to-use, accessible database of all available transfer routes offered by Ontario Colleges and Universities. To use it, first select to search for course transmission or program transmission, and then fill in the required fields.