(a) license, sublicensing, sale, resale, leasing, leasing, transfer, distribution or allocation of time, or other provision of activities for third-party access, including works derived from ServiceNow Core technology, regardless of the author who will record such derivative works; (b) use it on a production basis or with production data or use it to provide services to others, including subscription service implementation, adaptation or configuration services; (c) decompiling, decompiling or decompiling, particularly in order to develop products or services that compete with the subscription service in general; (d) subject to the above clause, the use or access to products or services that are competitive with the platform component of the subscription service (competitive applications are permitted); (e) copying, creating or otherwise modifying derivative works, unless expressly permitted; (f) disrupt its safety, integrity or operation; (g) remove or modify a reference to copyright or other property rights in it; (h) use it to reproduce, disseminate, display, store, transfer or use copyrighted materials or content (including advertising or privacy rights), without first obtaining permission from the owner; (i) use it to damage another person`s property; (j) use it in a manner contrary to existing legislation or regulations; (k) use it in a way that, without permission, changes, deletes, copies, changes, stops or disables permanently, without permission, when you edit, delete, modify, stop or disable third-party data, software or networks (without changing configurable elements or data downloaded by the subscriber into the subscription service); (l) use it to create, use, send, store or run harmful viruses or other computer codes; (m) use it in a way that disables, hacks or disrupts security, digital signature, digital rights management, verification or authentication mechanisms; or use it in a manner that, at ServiceNow`s discretion, bypasses the normal use or operation of the subscription service or APIs, disrupts ServiceNow`s pricing structure or the ability to provide services or support to customers, or allows a party to access ServiceNow technology beyond the authorized or normally intended use of that part. ServiceNow Core Technology is licensed and not sold, even if ServiceNow conveniently refers to words such as sale or purchase. The term “website” refers to ServiceNow`s public websites, including and without limitation websites that are in the following URLs: www.servicenow.com; community.servicenow.com; knowledge.servicenow.com; demochannel.service-now.com; wiki.servicenow.com; share.servicenow.com; partners.servicenow.com; store.servicenow.com; publisher.servicenow.com; and developer.servicenow.com.