Italian conservatories do not operate a campus system, as is the case in English-speaking countries, but as an established university town, Salerno offers many housing opportunities for students. The AVE Gratia Plena Hostel is located in the centre of Salerno and has an agreement with the University: It offers discounts for Erasmus We advise you to book a room in a hostel for the first days of your stay in order to have time to choose accommodation according to your needs. We recommend the “Ave Gratia Plena” hostel near the old town conservatory: Martucci Conservatoire collaborates long-term with the Erasmus Students Network ESN of Salerno, whose members help students find accommodation in private accommodation: Students who are not citizens of the EU/EEA or a country with which Italy does not agree on the visa waiver programme must obtain a visa from an Italian embassy or consulate before entering Italy. more information on the visa application, visa validity and visa waiver fees, as well as a list of countries whose citizens do not need a visa, See the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ostello della Gioventa “Ave Gratia Plena Minor” Via dei Canali – 84100 Salerno – ItalyTel. 39 089 234776Fax: `39 089 2581874Website: After receiving the appointments, the Office of International Relations, if acceptable under the bilateral agreement, sends an email to the nominated students containing instructions to complete the online application form. Students who arrive at a mobility program can implement part of their curriculum at a partner institution with a recent inter-institutional agreement. The stay abroad can last at least 3 months (or 1 semester of university or term) up to a maximum of 12 months. Students will be able to improve their language and communication skills, become aware of different educational programs and learn to be more independent. Not only do students have the opportunity to continue their studies in a new environment and live a different culture, but all credits acquired abroad are also recognized by their home institution at the end of the mobility phase. The university is located in Fisciano, a village 20 minutes by bus from Salerno.

Dual studies offer students from partner institutions participating in dual degree agreements the opportunity to spend a year at the University of Salerno, acquire basic knowledge and specialize in their field of interest to complete part of their studies.