With the introduction of the product type, storage category and profit center in the I-Vehicle Rental Integration Specs on rent sales (0874), RentWorks can generate a lease and automatically integrate it into ERA. Toronto-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Reynolds Canada and Motoinsight have announced an agreement that will allow dealers using the Reynolds ERA-IGNITE (DMS) dealer management system to seamlessly access Motoinsight`s automotive data for customer incentives in the Canadian market. Motoinsight data will help dealers working with ERA-IGNITE have timely access to the latest information on vehicle residual values, standard financing rates and vehicle incentives when working with a customer on a vehicle purchase or leasing contract. In the 1980s, Reynolds and Reynolds signed contracts with other major automakers, several major insurers, General Electric and others. [2] In 1986, the company acquired National Medical Computer Services and a business forms company called Arnold Corporation. At the end of the year, Reynolds had annual sales of more than $200 million, 42 percent of which came from business. [11] Reynolds acquired several small technology companies in the 1990s and developed its software products. [2] [12] [13] Reynolds and Reynolds acquired Medical Systems in 1994 and founded Reynolds Healthcare Systems. Reynolds Healthcare Systems then acquired a business documents company, Fiscal Information, which handles radiologists. From 1994 to 1996, David Holmes led the acquisition of several other forms of business and other IT companies outside the automotive industry for a total of $155 million. [4] In 2000, Reynolds and Reynolds had sales of $800 million,[2] and more than a third of the users were General Motors dealers. [14] This year it sold the Information Solutions (ISG) group to Carlyle Group for $360 million, which mainly sold business forms and deliveries to non-automotive companies.

[2] This interface allows you to consult existing ERA customers and add new customers to RentWorks. After the Daily Management Report (DBR) item, the lease is automatically updated in your ERA Rental Sales Journal (0082), which allows you to verify and update the contract. Reynolds and Reynolds first entered the electronic accounting market in 1960 with the acquisition of a Boston-based accounting software developer. [3] The software industry did well in the 1970s, but its products were obsolete in the 1980s.