Mr. Cas concluded that “the proposed employment contract served as a guarantee to the contracting parties that they would not withdraw lightly from the negotiations and had already agreed on some of the most important conditions of labour relations.” Although a preliminary contract is usually signed to ensure the future registration of a player, an agreement can be reached so that the club receiving the registration can pay a fee to the other club to sign the player earlier, as was the case in January 2013, when Schalke 04 midfielder Lewis Holtby, who still had six months of contract with Tottenham Hotspur. [251] but at the end of the month, Tottenham paid a $1.5 million fee to advance the transfer. [252] In 2005, the Italian roma team was blocked for a year by FIFA, starting on 1 July, when French centre-forward Philippe Mexes joined the association in September 2004, while he was still under contract with Auxerre. [272] [273] In December 2005, the ban was reduced at the request of the CAS, which ended after the transfer window in January, but the CAS confirmed that Roma had “not only encouraged Mexes to break his contract with Auxerre, but was actively causing the break”. [274] In April 2014, The Spanish club Barcelona was banned from transferring two consecutive windows from June 2014 and a fine of $305,000 for violations of the international transfer and registration of players under the age of 18, while the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) was fined $340,000 and was asked to “regulate its legal framework and the existing system with regard to the international transfer of minors in football.” [308] [309] [310] FIFA`s provisions require that international transfers of minors be accepted in only three scenarios: (1) the player`s parents have moved to another country for unrelated reasons; (2) the move to the European Union is made when the player is between 16 and 18 years old; or (3) the player`s house is less than 50 km from the national border that is crossed. [311] [312] However, the lock was temporarily lifted until the end of the transfer window, the club was able to buy players in the 2014 summer transfer window,[314][315][315] during which it was able to complete the purchases of Marc-André ter Stegen[316] Claudio Bravo,[317] Luis Suérez,[318] Jérémy Mathieu[319] and Thomas Vermaelen. [320] The appeal was dismissed on August 20. [321] [322] The ban would have “shaken” Barcelona`s image. [323] Athletic director Andoni Zubizarreta was fired in January 2015 for his role.

[324] The draft employment contract covered an employment period of two sports seasons, namely, from 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2016, an annual remuneration of 550,000 euros and that “both parties will sign an official contract after the [player] has passed the medical in China. The other articles and details of the official treaty are decided by both parties through friendly negotiations. In attempting to free themselves from the obligations of a preliminary contract, the parties attempted to assert that the validity of a preliminary contract was conditional on the success of a player`s medical training or work authorization.