Ford`s advanced warranty/service plan is available for all current Ford models still covered by the new plant warranty. The extended warranty must be acquired as long as the new vehicle warranty is valid. The Extended Ford Warranty is available for used cars or those that are not currently covered by a New Ford Vehicle Warranty, is not available Any extended warranty plan from Protect My Car comes with 24 hours, seven days per week of troubleshooting at no extra cost. Towing can be arranged for you as well as refund if a rental car is required. Flexible payment options are available over a period of 36 to 60 months, allowing you to tailor your payments to your budget. Ford characterizes its plans as extensive warranty plans as service plans and maintenance plans. This is usually combined with predetermined costs for vehicle maintenance and maintenance. It is a common tactic to use car dealerships to extract extra money from their customers by having them sign a contract in which they agree to spend a predetermined amount for the service. As the name suggests, this is Ford`s expanded premium service plan.

Ford claims that it covers more than 1000 parts, which sounds like a quantity, but as a typical car consists of about 30,000 parts, it is not as large as Ford would have it believe. Ford BaseCARE is the next step above the basic service package. It comprises 84 components, most of which are related to the powertrain. The Ford BaseCARE plan adds the following: Of course, it`s worth a wide warranty for a new car, but if you want to get an extended warranty on a vehicle that isn`t quite new, the extended Ford warranty isn`t even an option. Protect My Car, however, has three different plans that can choose based on the age of your vehicle and the number of miles it has. The Ford PowertrainCare is Ford`s service maintenance plan for entry-level service. It covers only the following 29 components of the engine and transmission: Ford ExtraCARE is Ford`s service plan for the upper center. It covers 113 components and adds some high-tech rugs, including: The expanded Ford warranty does a decent job in providing traction chain protection, but these known problems and frequent complaints should be taken into account.

All parts necessary for vehicle maintenance at scheduled service intervals.