An “over-guard tenant” means a tenant who continues to rent an apartment after the tenant`s rent has ended. If a rental contract is terminated prematurely due to domestic violence, here are some common examples of third-party experts: (k) mandatory rental contracts, rental units or housing. 45 (1) A tenant may terminate a periodic tenancy agreement by enforcing the landlord with termination, with effect on a date when the preservation of these important documents, precise, safe and easily accessible preservation is essential to protect himself and your tenant. With, you have instant access to standard BC leases with pre-installed information that eliminates human error and confusion. It`s easy to export and share your digital contracts, and they`re all stored securely in our secure app. (b) to regulate a tenant`s obligations to raise a pet on the dwelling. (g) the tenant does not repair, within a reasonable time, damage to the rental unit or other real estate in accordance with Section 32, paragraph 3 [repair and maintenance obligations]; 5. A lessor`s obligations under paragraph 1, period (a) apply regardless of whether or not a tenant was aware of the lessor`s breach of this subsection at the time the lease was concluded. 39 Despite other provisions of this Act, if a tenant does not give a carrier address in writing to a lessor within one year of the end of the lease, (i) communications, decisions, orders or agreements that have been made pursuant to Part 5.1 or its summaries; 19 (1) A lessor may not require or accept a security deposit or security deposit for property damage greater than the equivalent of 1/2 of the monthly rent payable in the tenancy agreement. (a) banning pets or limiting the size, type or number of pets a tenant may keep on the land; The lease agreement is considered to be a clause prohibiting or limiting the smoking of cannabis in the same way that tobacco is prohibited or restricted. 12 Standard terms are conditions for any lease (4) Instead of imposing a penalty under paragraph 1, the director may, subject to the rules, enter into an agreement with the person who would otherwise be responsible for the sanction. (2) If, after January 1, 2004, a landlord authorizes a tenant to keep a pet on residential land, the landlord may require the tenant to leave a deposit for damage to pets in accordance with sections 19 [deposit limits] and 20 [deposit-keeping bans]. (i) the tenant of a rental unit transfers to a subtenant the tenant`s rights under the tenancy agreement for a period less than the duration of the tenant`s tenancy agreement, and “long-term care,” personal or medical care provided in a long-term care facility to a person who is unlikely to be independent again under a tenancy agreement; (d) require or accept more than a surety for damage to pets in relation to a rental agreement, regardless of the number of pets the landlord grants to the tenant on the dwelling; (2) Subject to Section 51 [Rental Allowance: Section 49 Notification], a lessor may terminate a tenancy agreement 7 (1) If a landlord or tenant does not comply with this law, the regulations or the tenancy agreement, the landlord or tenant who does not comply must compensate the other for the damages or losses that result.