Before a meter can be installed, an MOP agreement must first be concluded. After installation, the MOP contract can be agreed. An MOP contract is a separate agreement that is independent of an electricity supply contract, so you will be charged directly by your HH meter manager for all the service charges described in the contract. If you have been designated by your energy supplier as an HH MOP, additional charges may be incurred from your delivery contract. These meters provide a more accurate measure of your energy consumption, which is then transmitted to your energy supplier or to a DC/DA (Data Collector/Data Aggregator) supplier of your choice. Please note that if you have a meter operator contract directly with a meter manager, inform your electricity supplier, especially if you switch to a new supplier, as it is no stranger to the fact that once customers are burdened by the new supplier and separately by the MOP. Even if this is not the case, a new electricity provider will often name their preferred MOP while you are currently in a direct MOP contract. The result is a loss of consumption details. Yes, the requirement is included in the revisions to the Gas Act of 1986. Customers who purchase their own meters are a common practice for the largest customers of I-C. It is increasingly common for customers (generally not in the country) to have an existing gas meter or connect to communication, making it possible to make regularly available to the energy supplier and energy management. HH meters are designed to display consumption every 30 minutes.

After registration, the information is stored and then transmitted daily to the data collector. This is incredibly useful, and it provides a wealth of information for companies that want to reduce their electricity consumption. The meter box is considered the customer`s property, so any damage must be repaired by the customer to ensure that the dosing devices are properly protected from the environment. Energy suppliers can make repairs on a paid basis or the customer can purchase spare parts through contractors or suppliers such as or or Most data collectors should be able to receive data messages from all meter operators, but it is worth checking that the meter operator has full coverage before the order and if you change energy provider, make sure they are working with your data collector. Originally, half-hour meters are only needed for large power supplies that need more than 100 kVa or more. Small deliveries, such as domestic or small commercial deliveries, have been classified as NHH. MOP contracts are widely used as a result of Ofgem`s P272 initiative, which effectively lowered the HH classification threshold.