In line with the federal government`s policy and in order to promote a level playing field with regard to the provision of telecommunications infrastructure to new developments, the policy requires operators to work on a commercial basis. That`s why we`re going to charge developers for infrastructure and no longer provide infrastructure for free. To report damage to Telstra infrastructure, call 13 22 03. This is due to the uncertainty of the deployment and ownership of the communications network at the time of completion of the development. Any necessary transfer of our network (or part of the Telstra network) before or in part through our provision of infrastructure would create complexities for all concerned. You can install your own pit and pipe ready to fiber, and we would expect to acquire the network installed as part of a commercial agreement.  As part of the AFR process, developers can ask us to provide telecommunications infrastructure for and throughout their development. The developer is responsible for supplying pits and fiberable pipes for the management of new developments and will also be responsible for the costs of other infrastructure such as cable network, head work and backhaul infrastructure. Make sure you have identified existing infrastructure before land, excavation, drilling or drilling is removed. They do not necessarily reflect the current policy on infrastructure responsibility and cost. Procedure for concluding the Telstra trade agreement In the absence of sufficient notification and if we propose to provide infrastructure, the developer may be financially responsible for the costs we have incurred in providing end wireless intermediate users to end-users due to the late submission of the AFR. In cases where an AFR is submitted with a delay of more than 6 months before the planned project closes, we may defer any offer to install the infrastructure to approximately 6 months before the expected completion date.