Transferring investment accounts or securities from your Scotiabank subsidiary to your iTRADE Scotia account is easy. Our recommendation is to always complete the transfer process with Scotia iTRADEes online transfer Authorization Request. This online transfer system is fast, simple and allows for a much smoother transfer of your investment and/or investment accounts. It also helps reduce potential errors and generates an immediate transfer reference number. Once the requirement process is complete, a form is generated that requires your signature. After signing this form, you must send an email to: Every time you submit a remote deposit cheque with cheque-in, you will be the following insurance and guarantees: To understand the reason for the provisions of this part (the “agency conditions”), you need to know a little how the cheques are deleted in Canada. Tangerine is a member of the Canadian Payments Association (CPA). It is the body (created by a piece of legislation by Parliament and overseen by the Bank of Canada) that sets the rules for clearing and settling cheques in Canada. If Tangerine accepts the deposit of a cheque from a customer issued to another bank (known as “Drawee Bank”), Tangerine must “liquidate” the cheque and have it “settled” by the clearing system managed by the CPA, a procedure known as “exchange”. The end result of an exchange is that Tangerine will be reimbursed by Drawee Bank for the amount it has provisionally credited to its client`s account (unless the cheque is refunded for “insufficient means” or any other reason). Traditionally, unlocking and counting have been done by physical cheques by the system, so that they are returned or “submitted” to the draw banks. Recently, the ACC has put in place rules allowing CPA members to exchange cheques electronically without having to move paper, using accurate photographic images of cheques copied into a specially formatted document, known as the Clearing Replacement Document or CRD.