If your electricity has been cut off and you ask for it to be turned on, email your documents to UNYDPACutin@nationalgrid.com or fax them to 315-460-9522. If you are a new customer interested in signing up for a minimum payment agreement, email your documents to UNYDPAAI@nationalgrid.com or fax them to 315-460-9508. If you have any questions or comments or if you are aware of other websites that may be applying for registration, please email us. I moved recently and “allegedly” transferred my services in October. Talk to National Grid no less than 3 times and we assured that the gas would be cut at my old address and that it would light up at my news. I continued to pay my bills automatically and for a few months there was no problem until today, when the gas was inexplicably turned off. When I wanted to check my meter statements online, it was a debacle to be launched due to inactive time, then only trying to create a new account that discovered that my service address was still listed as the previous one. The National Grid site is dysfunctional and outdated, leading to a disconcerting and frustrating experience without customer satisfaction. Your customer service is not available 24 hours a day, only Monday to Friday (they should be available on weekends). Fortunately, I was only approved for cooking gas. I have been a customer for 30 years and I have never missed payment. I am supposed to have a “balanced billing plan,” but I did not receive an invoice last month. They didn`t send anyone to look at my measuring device.

I received an exorbitant bill of almost $1,000, with a message of separation. I didn`t want to be separated, so I sent them a check right away. But last week I received messages from their voices every day, saying it was very important that I call them. But I called her several times, and I waited a long time, without going through a living person. I`m sure they received my check, but today I received another inconvenient and threatening letter in the mail. To speed up this process, you can email your documents to National Grid or fax them by email. Please include your name, phone number and account number on all correspondence. National Grid accepts photos of evidence taken by your mobile phone and sent via email. Make sure the entire document is visible in the photo (both pages if necessary) and select a medium-sized resolution before sending. Also be sure to provide all personally identifiable information (PII) such as Social Security numbers and blackout bank account numbers.