Georgian College enters into agreements with accredited post-secondary institutions to create clear pathways for graduates who wish to continue their education in Canada and abroad. Students who completed Georgian College`s Fine Arts Advanced Diploma in 2011 (or later) with a minimum average of 3.0 (B) are eligible for admission and receive 60 transfer points for the Visual Arts and Arts History (VAAH) program at York University`s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Applicants must also successfully complete an entry portfolio exam conducted by a VAAH faculty member to be included in the program. Prospective applicants, current students or georgian alumni can use the online transfer equivalency tool to understand how their previous training can be transferred to their desired program at Georgian College. So you`ve chosen at least one school where you might want to move – exciting! Your next step will be to contact a transfer counsellor at the school you may wish to visit. Transfer advisors can help you navigate each school`s unique transfer processes and take you to the most up-to-date forms and timelines. When I started at Georgian College, I was not aware of the articulation agreement offered by the university. Three years ago, I started my degree in architectural technology, and now I am studying a bachelor`s degree in architecture at Griffith University in Australia. Georgian College gave me the basis for further studies in my field.

Use the new Equivalency Transfer tool to find out how courses taken at another accredited institution can be transferred to your training at the University of Georgia. Whether you`re thinking about the app or already existing, this self-service tool is designed to make the transmission process simpler and more transparent. This agreement applies for a three-year period effective April 1, 2013. At the end of this period, the agreement will be reviewed and renewed by Royal Roads University. If there are barriers to renewal, Royal Roads University will inform the transfer partner of the obstacles in order to negotiate a new agreement. The final approval of the agreement remains between the presidents of Royal Roads University. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING regarding the block transfer between Georgian College and Royal Roads University. I spent two years at Brock University and then moved to Georgian College, where I completed the Advanced Diploma business management program. My educational goal has always been to obtain a bachelor`s degree in the same field. While I worked as a business intelligence analyst at Georgian College, the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Leadership was a perfect fit. The special online options to complete the program gave me the opportunity to support my training during full-time work.

I have the flexibility to finish the course work according to a schedule that corresponds to my life. The opportunities offered by the University of Georgia to apply the credits allow me to achieve my educational goals and to advance my career at the same time. Our team is always available for any questions related to the Georgian transfer process. Note: Communication and general education courses are automatically transferred between Georgian certification and certification programs. In curricula, free arts are automatically transferred between programs.