By changing the way the prize is distributed, it was inevitable that some teams would be happy – because they would get a bigger share – and others less because they would have a smaller record. What remains after the payments shown above will then be the price pot. Previously, these payments were broken down into “column 1″ and “column 2″ based on participation (each team receives an equal disc) and championship position (plus the more a team finishes). Such an agreement, at present, speculation that some teams, like Mercedes, could not stay upright. At the moment, you don`t make money with a Formula 1 team. And realistically, you`ll never do it. Teams usually spend what they earn because it should give them performance, and they are in the sport to deliver on the right track. Although there are obvious commercial considerations for owning an F1 team, these considerations are reinforced only by a more competitive car. Disagreements between the two organizations, known as fiSA-FOCA, led to the cancellation of several races. Goodyear threatened to withdraw completely from Formula 1, an event that would have been commercially disastrous for the sport, and ecclestone organized a meeting of team leaders, Balestre and other FISA representatives in the FIA offices, Place de la Concorde, Paris, France. On 19 January 1981, all parties present signed, after thirteen hours of negotiations, the first Concorde agreement, named after the Paris Square where the talks were held. On January 19, 2005, Ferrari announced that it had signed an extension of the previous contract, which expires on December 31, 2012.

[4] On July 18, 2005, Red Bull also signed an extension[5] and Jordan/Midland two days later. [6] On December 7, 2005, Williams was the fourth team to sign a contract extension. [7] F1 and the FIA say the new agreement will “ensure a long-term sustainable future for Formula 1″ and will work with the budget cap and new technical rules (2022) to “reduce financial and on track differences between teams” and help “create the conditions for competition”. The challenges posed by the virus served as an additional reminder that something had to change, that is, as soon as the championship resumed, the trade agreement was also able to discuss.