The brief update of Tuesday`s working group meeting is that the two teams have agreed to work from a common table of calculation so that we can reach agreement on the cost of this measure from which we can develop potential scenarios. The two parties often disagree when it comes to tasting the various proposals, with the administration insisting that things cost much more than the association`s estimates. This obligation is therefore progress and the wish of both parties to reach an agreement on the performance of the contract. We often get questions about casual workers at the CCP. Because they are a separate class of collaborators (no faculty, academic or ranked staff), they are not represented by either the FFAP or the CTF, although they have the right, according to PECBA, to create their own bargaining unit. This is an issue of concern to many of us, who work closely with the occasional CCP officers and see the increase in casual employment as a loophole used by the administration to avoid fair wages and benefits. We are pleased to inform you that we have found a solution that retroactively delays the salaries of part-time teachers to the 2019-20 level. The college is providing the necessary approvals and will take the necessary steps to implement these changes as soon as possible. Credits outside the negotiated agreement have been identified and are being used to adjust the pay of part-time faculties, which, as a result of the negotiated changes, saw their hourly rates fall this fall. It is expected that retroactive compensation for this group for the fall period will be paid no later than March 5, 2021, and payment for future terms will be incorporated into the salary plan. If PCC-Administration and PCCFFAP fail to reach an agreement during the first 150 days of direct negotiations, they move on to mediation.

Oregon law stipulates that mediation must last 15 days, after which both parties can continue mediation or declare the impasse to one of the two parties. Once an impasse is declared, both parties submit their final bids, followed by a 30-day “cooling phase.” (1) List of the various recyclable products, materials, goods and deliveries that were purchased by the public authorities from a national contract of use, agreement or schedule in the previous year, by category. The PCC Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals (FFAP) and the pcc administration conduct full contract negotiations every four years on wages, benefits and working conditions. The next round of contract negotiations will begin in January 2019 and begin in the spring and summer, so that we will reach an agreement by August 31, 2019, when the current contract expires. According to the PCC FCE website, full contract negotiations usually take place every four years and negotiations that began in January 2019 are ongoing. The summary of the 2019 preliminary agreement shows an increase in paid parental leave and early retirement scholarships ranked – but the biggest achievement is THE PCC`s COST of Living Adjustment (COLA), which is now overtaken by Portland with the real cost of living.