AthTek DigiBand provides easy access for its users with the auto composition and accompaniment function, which includes high quality features and stunning design concept. It is a popular handy music program for Windows operation system. This software is just like your close and efficient assistant.


DigiBand comes with a clear screen which acts as a brilliant display as well as intelligent guides which allow the user to play music expediently. You can use it to accomplish auto composition, and improvise an accompaniment to existing file or even live humming by importing a music file or what you have just sang.

The function of the DigiBand is very strong, and the operation is also very simple. The key features is as follows:

  • Auto composition

AthTek DigiBand can compose music automatically. The user can enjoy making a customized composition experience by DigiBand which allows you to select an emotion, genre and instruments randomly.


  • Rich music emotions integrated

It has included many musical emotions for your quick music composition. The user can select emotion in the list which is of most important. The built in DigiBand will enable the parameters of BPM (beat per minute) and chord to fit the musical emotion in your music composition.


  • Rich instruments supported

AthTek DigiBand comes with almost all the instrument types including bass, drum, piano and string, guitar, etc. Rather than this, you can even choose exactly type of each instrument. For example, Nylon strings guitar, electric jazz guitar or any other.


  • Rich music structures supported

It also supports complex music structures. DigiBand has included 8 music structure types. You can flexibly set blank, intro, verse, chorus, interlude and outro to your music.


All roll into DigiBand making it an outstanding software. The design of DigiBand is very fashionable and more human. It has changed the way the users create and play music and it provides with state of the technology which is extremely friendly.

AthTek DigiBand is becoming obligatory for musicians use and more popular for general use. We hope this software will bring more benefits to you.